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The campaign helping in the fight against Onomania.

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Me Too

A series of moving posters on the theme of sexual harrassment.


Exploring how typography can reflect the theme of Biophilia.

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Kinetic Addiction

A series of moving posters on the theme of shopping addiction.

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My Name Is...

A series of posters about people's strangest addictions.

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Draw the Line

This photographic publication explores the theme of addiction.

3D Posters

A set of 3D posters surrounding the theme of how addiction can feel.


Pocket Sized Problems

Exploring people's addictions through the medium of collage and a zine.

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Obsession vs. Addiction

A poster set studying the difference between obsession and addiction.

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Blender's Club

Collaborative work for a Bristol-based events business.

Instagram Icon

Illustrated portraits to use as their Instagram icon.

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Glow-Fi Advertisement

A typographic advertisement promoting the music blog &

e-commerce site.

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